Australian Fire Authority uses Axixtech Legion Lightbar

Thursday, 12 May 2016  |  Admin

Narva Legion get thumbs up from CFA



Victoria’s Country Fire Authority has fitted one of Narva’s new low-profile Legion LED emergency light bars its four-wheel-drive vehicles that are used for organising strike teams.

According to captain Rob Saitta, from Epping CFA, the team is delighted with the change having previously used halogen rotation lights.

“Moving to a Narva LED bar suits our needs well as the sleek lines are modern, unobtrusive and the intensity of colour and light is a huge improvement as an important part of our needs is to be visible,” he said.

Narva light bars offer 360 degrees of vision with extras that include a dimming function that Rob describes as one of his favourites it can be actioned through in-cab control.

“In situations such as in a paddock at night, we can dim the lights so they don’t cause too much distraction and we can also switch to have the white light in the centre, which is perfect for what we need.”

The Narva Legion LED light bars offer a choice of clear or coloured lenses and have an option of in-built high-powered LED alley and takedown lights that provide an intense white light that can also be used as a work lamp.