Here is a list of some of our recent clients.

    Park Guard Limited
    Line Markings Limited
    Armistead Engineering
    Shenley Farms Aviation Limited
    Headcorn Aerodrome Fire & Rescue
    Fisher & Sons Limited
    DH Auto Sprayers Limited
    Ferry Secure
    Jointline Group Limited
    Akeem Salawu
    Guard It Security Limited
    Give Svaergods Transport Ltd
    ETS Trucks Limited
    Headcorn Special Events Ltd
    Richard Scrivener
    Bas Janssen
    Charles McFadyen
    Arion Security Services
    Firethorn Training
    Chris Gaskell
    CRD Solutions
    David Hull
    Human Touch Training and Care Limited
    Ian Davies
    Knowle Nursery
    Martin O'Loan
    Wicked Wheels
    London Helicopter Centres
    John Beveridge Farms
    GCS Johnson Transport Limited
    Jeremy Sedgley
    Wynyard Park
    Beeches Recovery
    James Shaw (St John Ambulance)
    Thomas Foster Consultants Ltd
    Blackmore Commercials Ltd
    Gurney Edwards Vehicle Services Ltd
    Recovery North West
    Pett Farm
    City Electrical Factors Ltd (CEF)
    Midt Gudbrandsdal Fire Services (Norway)
    William Seath
    Michael Degenfeld (Austria)
    St Helens Tyres Ltd
    RAF Cranwell
    Dyhring Entreprise (Denmark)
    Christoph Singer (Germany)
    Officina Acierno Snc (Italy)
    Martin Goode
    Daniel Knudsen (Denmark)
    Roger Tivey
    Bernhard Lautner ( Austria)
    Cork Airport Police (Ireland)
    MIA Engineering Services
    Jesper Mogensen (Denmark)
    Thomond Park Stadium Limerick (Ireland)
    Tri-County Golf Cars
    Sebastian Langenhorst (Germany)
    David Jerome
    Jeremy Lawton
    Ian Hare
    Aim to Recycle
    Palmer Supplies Ltd
    Jake Pearce
    Action Vehicle Department Shepperton Studios
    Aim Services
    Enviro Technology Services Plc
    Sinalis B.V. (Netherlands)
    Everyman Racing
    Dr Peter Curry (NHS)
    Whitehaven Accident Repair
    Gottschalk Erdbau (Germany)
    AZ Vehicle Services
    Pascal Leyers (Luxembourg)
    Nuytens & co (Belgium)
    Hook Cleaning Services
    John Waddington
    AP Tools
    Roy Heiliegers (Netherlands)
    William Upton
    Riviera Ambulance Service
    Fred Thompson
    Hydro Cleansing Ltd
    Stephen Mainwaring


    AIC Corporation (Morocco)
    Transport Mikko Utriainen (Finland)
    Dr Mark Bloch (NHS)
    CAT Services Limited
    Dr Ephraim Josovic (NHS)
    Tec Distributor's Limited
    Alan Scrase Holly Tree Surgeons
    Silver Express Mini Cabs
    1st Drain Plumbing Limited
    Moir Motors Limited
    Lee Robinson
    J & E MacGregor Plumbing 
    Hoppers Autobreak
    P Rothery
    Fred Thompson
    Robert Kennedy
    Pete Clinch
    Lee Robinson
    Karen Isted (NHS)
    William Parry
    Weald Air Services Ltd
    Melissa Electrical 
    Terramech Investigations Limited
    Dr Aron Pennell (NHS)
    Auto Electrics (Darlington) Limited
    Standard Scaffolding Specialists Limited
    Paul Rothery
    Royal Air Force Kirton in Lindsey
    Northern Energy Services Limited
    Stage One Creative Services
    J.M. Marshall & Son
    Able Security Concepts Ltd
    Midlands Emergency Medical Courier Service
    Parts Service Ltd
    Promech (Bournemouth Council)
    A&L Stronach
    Daren Charlton
    Headcorn Aerodrome Air Traffic Control
    Oasis Group Ltd
    Keith Rhodes Machinery Installations Ltd
    Amitola Ltd
    Warrington Property Maintenance
    Axel Ketner A/S (Denmark)
    Higher Sandhills Farm,
    Frederic Descomps (France)
    M.R. Berkhof (Netherlands)
    Wycombe District Council
    4X4 Response Wales
    Gary White
    Roger Went
    DG Medics LTD
    Metor Services
    Steven Brown
    Terence Smith
    Steven Tremarco
    Richard Dean
    MOD Ashchurch
    M Chisholm Transport
    Daren Bailey (Ireland)
    Convoy Civil Electrical
    Thetford MTB Racing
    Wavelength Environmental Ltd
    Ds Services
    Pestridge Construction
    Eddymed Ambulance Service
    Roland Taylor
    Nats, Control Tower Building, Edinburgh Airport
    Secure Site UK
    UK Power Networks
    Oakes Bros. Ltd (Distributor in Germany)
    Storm Procurement.
    Whale Tankers Ltd
    Nineteen Events
    PB Fordonsteknik (Sweden)
    Pace Pristine Services Ltd
    Nevez Herve (France)
    Darren Bailey (Ireland)
    Chris Hunter
    Griffdon Ltd (Ireland)
    Dr Sean Petherbridge MBBS MRCG (UAE)
    JMBourg Management sprl (Belgium)
    Cedar Link International Ltd
    Richard Bowling
    Philip Hillman
    MAB International General Trading LLC
    Homer Roofing
    Wilson Contractors
    Zeb Automation (Germany)