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Haztec 8-82316+ EuroSmart LCD programmable controller is not a stand-alone unit and is designed to be used with Haztec siren and lighting control modules.

Saves you time when time is of the essence

The Haztec 8-82316+ controller puts you firmly in control of all vehicle warning and ancillary equipment. From the lightbar and traffic director/arrow/warning bar functions to beacons, warning lights, sirens/PAs, and even external CAN devices such as remote touch screens.

With the Haztec 8-82316+, you can control everything you need to from one handset. No longer do you require separate controllers with different operating menus and functions. This unit can save you time when time is of the essence  – whether you’re en route to an emergency or on scene.

Control up to 27 functions from one handset

  • 16 buttons giving up to 27 functions – a function can be a simple command or a sequence of commands
  • Program and manage complex switching configurations such as ‘full response / 999 mode’, with ease
  • Multiple functions can be assigned to the same button. For example, press once for the left alley, press again for the right alley, press again for both, and press again for off. A single button can also be used to scroll through a library of siren tones or flash patterns for example
  • Integral microphone and PA volume control
  • Programmable CANbus protocol for fast, reliable communication
  • Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts backlighting according to the environment.

Infinitely programmable

Multiple timers: Once pressed, button functions can automatically start or cancel after a preset delay – ideal for walk tests or short tone bursts. A short press can activate a different function than a long press

Interlock, inhibit, and multi-select: Any button can activate or cancel a combination of other button functions. Can also be programmed to allow some buttons to be selected only if others are selected first

CAN integration: Ability to send CAN messages in response to a button press or activate any required combination of buttons in response to receipt of an external CAN message. This allows simple interfacing with external equipment such as remote touchscreens or third-party CAN devices


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Haztec 8-82316+ Eurosmart LCD programmable controller

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