Haztec Impact C LED Beacon Magnetic Mount

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Impact C Generation 3 12LED ultra-bright compact beacon.

This is a really bright small footprint LED Beacon, ideal when mounting space is at a premium.

This product is offered with a CLEAR Dome and coloured LEDs.

CAP168 (Type C) compliant, in Amber for Airside use at Airports and Aerodromes.

LED Colours Available

10-30V for 12 or 24 use.

5 year warranty.

Built-in flasher with 9 selectable flash patterns.

Magnetic mount version. Fitted with a  34kg magnet with moulded rubber covers to preserve vehicle paintwork.

Wind speed certified to 250km/h (155mph)

• Lens: strong UV stabilised polycarbonate.
• Base: Rugged cast metal.


The use of any magnetically or magnetic/vacuum mounted warning device on the outside of a
vehicle in motion is not recommended and is at the sole risk and responsibility of the user.
Before using a magnetic or vacuum mount beacon on a moving vehicle the following factors noted
below should be considered. Each factor will to varying degrees contribute to the magnetic/vacuum
adhesion being lost and the beacon becoming detached from the vehicle posing a risk to other road

■ The higher the speed that the vehicle is travelling the greater the force that will be exerted on the
■ Headwinds, crosswinds, turbulence from other vehicles and forces exerted when cornering, braking
or accelerating may exert sudden unpredictable forces on the beacon.
■ The surface condition of the vehicle roof due to the presence of water, ice or road contamination will
compromise suction and reduce magnetic adhesion and will act as a lubricant that may cause the
beacon to move.
■ The use of rubber or neoprene magnet caps to prevent scratching of the vehicle roof will reduce the
magnetic adhesion force.
■ The thinner the gauge of metal used in the manufacture of the vehicle, the lower the magnetic
clamping force available.

Magnetic Mount Beacons
These magnetic beacons are intended for temporary use and need to be further secured with the use of a fixed lanyard.

LED Colour

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