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One of the UK's Leading Distributors of High End Audio and Visual Warning Systems for Emergency and Works Vehicles. Most of our Products are ECE R65 (Chapter 8) Approved. Our product line includes Light bars, Beacons, Directional Warning Lights, and fully programmable Electronic Sirens.

Haztec Xpress Lightbars

Haztec Express Lightbar.

Haztec Xpress is an extremely versatile lightbar and offers a wide choice of internal lightong and sound componants.

Loudspeakers can be built into the lightbar for Public Address (PA) and siren functions, either behind a custom speaker grille or illuminated centre sign incorporating a speaker grille.

Lighting options, can include LED or halogen alley/scene lights, stop/tail/turn lights or external sidelight/headlamp units. The Lightbar can also be manufactured with clear or coloured lens inserts. The Haztec Xpress Lightbar can also accommodate an LED InfoSign message system or LED arrowbar system.

A choice of controllers allows multi-flash patterns, high/low power for night-time use, cruise and front/rear and inner/outer switching options if required.


Haztec Xpress Lightbar can be fitted with a choice of lighting modules, and these include Halogen Rotators, Strobe warning lights or strobe beacons. LED 360 degree Beacon Modules, and or Directional LED Lightheads. This Lightbar when configured for LED light modules uses the latest generation 3 Watt High Power LED Diodes.

As with other major brand lightbars, Haztec Xpress can be fitted with GATSO lights when used on emergency vehicles to advise speed camera's that the vehicle is on an emergency call..


Haztec Xpress Recovery Lightbar