Redtronic Spartan LED Lightbar

Redtronic Spartan LED Lightbar is a modern LED Emergency Warning Lightbar from UK Manufacturer Redtronic.
The lightbar is manufactured as a modular design, meaning you can customise the lightbar to your own specifications.

LED colour options: include single, tri and multicolour.

LED alley lights: these are powerful focused white LED lights mounted at each end of the lightbar. Their purpose is to help identify address numbers at night. Originating in the US, where police use them to look along alleys.

Rear Reds: are flashing Red LED Modules located on the rear of the lightbar, and are mainly used by police and highways agency vehicles.

Work lamps: flood lamps, these are High Powered White LED Lights, normally mounted in the rear of the lightbar, and can be a flood, or a spotlight design.

Stop tail turn: indicators, are Red and Amber LED modules, again mounted in the rear of the lightbar. They are connected to your vehicle’s brake lights and turn indicators.

Centre illumination, or lighted centre: This is normally a White or Opal coloured centre lens section in the lightbar. This section has a backlight to show lettering eg POLICE.

Takedowns: again a term originating from American Police Forces. These are the same as the rear work lamps but are mounted in the front of the lightbar. They can be steady burn (on continuously), are they can be set to flash as well.

Steady burn single GATSO (blue): These lights are to help emergency vehicles prove they were on an emergency run when they go through a speed camera. The steady burn light will be picked up in the speed camera photograph.

Cruise lights: this is an optional function that can be selected that illuminated all of the light modules at a reduced power setting so that they are on but not flashing.

Traffic director: this is a function that allows you to set the lightbar so that the rear LED modules light up in series indicating which side to pass the emergency vehicle. These are also known as Traffic Arrows and Arrow sticks.

Internal speaker/siren / PA: Redtronic Spartan LED Lightbar can also be manufactured with a siren, or siren with public address capability, built into the lightbar itself, so there is no need for a separate siren and loudspeaker.

Night & day (DIM mode): This is self-explanatory. The lightbar can be dimmed for night time use.

Length options: 55cm, 65cm, 82cm, 93cm, 110cm, 120cm, 138cm, 148cm, 165cm, 175cm, 193cm, 203cm.

Lens colours: blue, amber, clear (clear or blue bottom lens available) (opal or black middle lens available).

Flash patterns: 6 Standard Flash Patterns.

Voltage: 11-32VDC.

Approvals: R65 class II (blue) class I (amber), EMC R10, CAP168/ICAO, IP54 (IP69K rated Internal LED Modules).

Warranty: 5-year warranty.

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