LED Police Lightbars

       Excellent performance at a competitive price.


  • Competitively priced, latest technology LED lightbars

  • 5 year LED warranty

  • 79mm Height - excellent combination of low profile & high visibility.


Haztec has put together a range of pre-configured lightbars for police applications. Standardising the design enables us to simplify the process of specifying the lightbar and to reduce costs, resulting in quick delivery and extremely competitive pricing.The range is based on the popular Xpert lightbar range and uses the latest generation LED technology. An overall height of just 79mm provides an excellent combination of low profile and high visibility. All Xpert lightbars feature a strong, ribbed extruded aluminium base to ensure rigidity and are designed for simple fixing (see page 4 for mounting kit details.)

Options are available to customise the lightbar if required, some versions include an illuminated centre with police lettering, this can be added on other versions if needed. The specification table on the opposite page shows details of the fitted equipment in each lightbar. Lightbars are available with either clear or blue outer lenses, clear outer lenses have the advantage that additional equipment such as alley lights, takedown lights and rear red lights can be fitted without the expense of having to add clear or coloured lens inserts.








360 Degree illumination

All lightbars in the range have full 360o blue warning lighting, provided by either 2 x Impact LP LED 360o modules or by 4 x 4-10408 LED corner modules. Both options use latest LED technology and are capable of providing independent front / rear operation if required.

Haztec Xpert LED lightbars using 4 x 4-10408 corner blue modules are approved to EC65 (Class 2), Impact LP units are approved to EC65 as stand alone beacons. When Impact 360o modules are fitted, mirrors are added to enhance output by redirecting otherwise wasted light away from the centre of the bar.


Front supplementary warning

In addition to the forward illumination provided by the corner modules, supplementary front warning modules are also fitted on traffic versions. These 4-10406 type front modules incorporate 6 high power blue LEDs. Modules containing 3 blue + 3 white LEDs can be fitted to either supplement or to replace the all blue modules.
The white LEDs operate independently of the blue LEDs and can be used in both alternating flash and takedown modes - potentially replacing separate front takedown lights.

Rear LED modules

All bars in the range have rear facing red warning lights. On beat versions these are either 4-1044 modules with 4 high power LEDs per
module or split 4-10406 modules with 3 blue + 3 red LEDs per module. Traffic versions have separate rear facing red and blue modules each
fitted with either 6 red or blue LEDs. In all cases the red and blue lights operate independently of each other, but can easily be programmed to
operate together if required.


Alley lights

Beat and traffic versions are available with Halogen or LED alley lights. Latest generation high power 8W LED versions are considerably more rugged than halogen alternatives, they have a very high output and an integral lens to focus the beam for maximum effect. LED lighting produces minimal heat and has very compact dimensions so is ideal for applications such as lightbars. The typical working life of latest LEDs is in excess of 50,000 hours which offer massive maintenance benefits compared to traditional halogen technology. Please note that alley lights are not suitable for use in conjunction with 360 degree beacons.

Takedown lights

Front facing Halogen or LED takedown lights can also be fitted if required on all versions. They can be used for scene illumination and can also be set to alternating flash mode (mimicking the effect of alternating headlight flash.) LED versions use the same 8W LED module as the alley light option above. Front facing takedown lights can be supplemented or replaced with split 4-10406 modules that contain 3 blue and 3 white LEDs, with the white LEDs operating independently of the blue LEDs.


Double height modules

For the ultimate in warning power, corner and inner modules can be supplied as double height stacked versions. These can be either the same colour modules or different colour modules, please contact our sales department for further details.

Beat Car type 1 (top) and traffic type (bottom) both fitted with optional front takedown lights 4-10408 corner modules (top) & Impact LP 360 modules (bottom) Front view showing addititional 4-10406 blue Inner modules.

8-82121 Switch unit

The 8-82121 controller connects directly into the lightbar, for simplicity a junction box can be fitted inside the vehicle if required to allow simple connection and removal of the switch unit.

Because the controller is fully programmable, each button can control any required function or combination of functions, so for example full response mode can be activated by pressing a single button rather than having to individually select each of the required lights. Multiple buttons on the controller allow a range of pre-configured modes to be stored for instant recall when required.

Buttons are backlit with separate indication to clearly show when buttons have been activated. Controllers are usually pre-programmed with standard police functionality, however custom programming is available if required.

The 8-82121 controller is hand held, but supplied with a dash bracket to allow it to be quickly and securely attached to the dashboard at any time.
Permanent dash mount controllers are also available, as are hand held controllers with additional buttons allowing an even larger number of pre-programmed modes to be stored. The 8-82121 controller is supplied as standard with the enhanced traffic version, it can also be supplied as an optional extra with the other lightbars if required. If an 8-82121 or other switching unit is not ordered, separate switching must be provided by others.


Options and alternatives
Xpert is one of several different lightbar ranges available from Haztec, Xpert lightbars can be configured in many different ways to those listed in this brochure, in addition to changes in fitted equipment, many different lengths can be produced. Please contact our sales department if you have a requirement not covered by the above. Mounting kits should be ordered separately to suit the specific application, see below for details.
Specification / ordering information