LED Lightbars

LED Lightbars for Cars, Vans and Trucks.

LED Lightbars have replaced Halogen and Strobe devices across many sectors of industry.

Nowhere is this more evident than the vehicle warning light market  where LED lightbars, LED beacons and LED warning lights can offer much more efficiency than the older halogen and strobe products, offering considerably more light output with vastly lower power consumption.

Latest generation LED lightbars can have a current  consumption of as little as 5A, depending upon its configuration, a great deal less than the older generation of rotator or indeed strobe lightbars.

The reduction in power needed to run  modern LED Lightbars means  a much lower demand is placed on the vehicles battery and electrical system helping to improve efficiency and lower vehicle fuel consumption. This reduction in fuel consumption is achieved by not having to leave the engine running all the time the lightbar is switched on.

LED Lightbars are environmentally friendly with reduced fuel  consumption as discussed above, but as the LED Technology is smaller, the physical size of the lightbar can be reduced. This has led to the manufacture right across the world of “Low Profile LED Lightbars”, with the average height of the products being less than 2.5” (7cm) tall.

LED Lightbars.co.uk  has on offer a wide range of lightbars from various manufactures to suit the budget of most customers. Most, if not all of our lightbars can be fully customised to meet each individual customer’s needs.

LEDs have a very long working life. When used as part of a well-designed  product, a life in excess of 50,000 hours can be expected. The products we offer have all been well designed.

Our online shop has on offer a range of value for  money, high quality UK manufactured products that meet all of the required quality and certification regulations, and come with a genuine full manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee.

Some lightbars can accommodate in-built sirens complete with a speaker. Although speakers in lightbars are not common these days, it is  clear that this is a requirement that some customers want.

LED vehicle lightbars are available with amber, blue, green, red and white modules, an additional benefit of using LED technology is that  the lightbar can have a mixture of colour modules rather than having to fit coloured lens inserts. This also means you can have a covert (clear until illuminated) outer lens or shell, or if you prefer, a coloured or overt lens that is the same colour as the LEDs.

With LED technology in vehicle lightbars, independent front  and rear switching can be made available, this can be seen mainly on police vehicles, but is also useful on applications such as motorway escort or vehicle breakdown where front warning lights can be a distraction. It should be noted however that independent front or rear operation of the lightbar may be useful, by using the product like this it is not ECE R65, since this standard requires 360° light output. ECE R65 however is not a requirement yet in the UK.

LED directional warning lights are available to add  secondary warning power to compliment the lightbar providing increased warning.


LED Lightbars - a selection of UK Manufactured, ECE R65 certified, Full Size and Mini Lightbars for Emergency, Recovery, and Ancillary Vehicles.

Choose from Clear or Coloured Lenses (Outer Shells), Amber, Blue, Green, Red, and White Warning Light Colours

(Magenta available with some products), and a variety of Mounting Options.

Manufactures include Haztec International.

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All our products come with a Full Manufacturer Guarantee.

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