Convert Your Car to Temporary Emergency Vehicle

Monday, 6 April 2020  |  Admin

The Haztec X-pert SLE Mini LED Lightbar, is an ideal option for Doctors or Paramedics that need to use their own cars to respond to emergency situations. These are often known as First Responders, who likely are asked to use their own private vehicles.

If you need to temporarily turn your car into an emergency response vehicle then the X-pert SLE mini lightbar with built in siren and speaker is the perfect solution.

The lightbar is compact and is 492mm (19”) Long, 240mm (9.44") Wide, and 57mm (2.24") in hight. It is fitted with heavy duty magnets with moulded rubber covers to protect and preserve vehicle paintwork. The lightbar is wind speed tested and certified to 105 mph (180 km/h). And, as an extra safety precaution, a safety lanyard is included.

The internal components of the lightbar are encased in a hardened polycarbonate shell which is resistant to UV radiation. Most people select the lightbar to be built with a clear shell.

Inside, the Haztec X-pert SLE is fitted with the very latest generation 3 Watt LEDs, using properly designed electronics to give each LED it's full light output.

This results in 360 degrees of super bright warning power, and is certified to ECE R65 Class 2 in blue. (Class 1 in Amber).

As this is a magnetic lightbar, it will leave the factory with a pre-set flash patten (normally triple or quad flash). This cannot be changed from the switch, as the second switch is used to activate the siren.

The internal siren unit powers a built-in loudspeaker capable of generating an 80-watt siren warning tone, which is more than capable of moving traffic.

The lightbar is powered from a 3M cable with a 12V cigar type plug, which makes it an ideal straight out of the box, and ready to go solution.

Finally, the lightbar comes with a 5-year warranty for your piece of mind.