Juluen/Axixtech BLUE Light Sales in the UK

Thursday, 14 February 2019  |  Admin

For more than five years now, LED Lightbars.co.uk has offered its customers in the UK and Europe, Juluen/Axixtech Lightbars, Beacons and warning lights in all of the available colours. Over the years the quality and build of these products has risen to become "OUTSTANDING".

However, due to policy at the Taiwanese Factory, we can no longer order Blue Light products from the European Warehouse/Distributor.

Instead, Juluen are forcing all Blue Light customers to buy from one single company. We have been told to buy our Blue Light orders from this company, or we can't buy them at all.

We think this is wrong as it is effectively limiting the supply and competition for these products. The company whom we are being forced to buy from is a direct competitor of ours.

Some may say "why don't you just buy from this company", well we could but I/we feel so strongly about this, so we will not deal with this company.

Anyway, I hope that this has shed some light on the matter for our past and future customers. Juluen/Axixtech products in other colours are still available, unless the factory decides they don't want us to supply these also.

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