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All of the Full-Size Lightbars on this site are ECE R65 (Chapter 8) Approved and E marked. We do not supply non approved equipment from the Far East.

Here you can view our Low Profile Single Level LED Lightbars. Price includes vat and shipping to a UK Mainland Address

Our lightbars are available in economical (ECO), standard, and fully loaded versions. Each model is built to the same exacting standards and the difference is the number of light heads, and therefore the number of LEDs that determines the price.

The pictures are for illustrative purposes only, and you should look at the schematic diagram for the model you are interested in to see how many LED modules are included, and how the light modules are positioned within the light bar.

We do not as many of our competitors do, show a fully loaded lightbar, only for you to find out when you get your item, that it only has 4 corner modules in it.

The schematic diagram on every product page shows exactly how many light heads are included.

Our LED Lightbars are available with either all clear (covert) outer lenses, or all coloured lenses which are the same colour as the LEDs.

Our lightbars are available in all five safety colours (AMBER, BLUE, GREEN, RED and WHITE), or as a colour combination. For more details on multicoloured products, please call us on +44 (0)1795 858003. All lightbars come with 3M of cable (switches are not included, or you can use your own), and Low Profile 25mm high mounting feet.

Full-Size Lightbars. What is a Full-Size Lightbar? Good question. Generally, a full-size vehicle lightbar is a warning light that is long enough to fit across the vehicle roof that it is mounted on. With most European cars, a lightbar of roundabout 43″(109cm) is about the right size to purchase. This means that it won’t overhang the vehicle roof which not only looks daft but means you won’t bang your head on the light bar when you get out of the car. It is also less likely to hit overhanging tree branches leading to damage to the lens

For transit type vans, a 48″(122cm) to 50″(127cm) long light bar will be an ideal fit for the vehicle.

Full-Size Lightbars from World Class Manufacturer Haztec International. Available in a variety of lengths and mounting options. Please use the search box at the top right of the page to narrow down the selection. For example, typing 43 into the search box will bring up all lightbars that are 43″ long.

Most manufacturers do not supply a switch panel with a lightbar. These are available as an optional extra, and a lot of customers prefer to supply their switching. So, unless otherwise stated, full-size lightbars are supplied with a 3M (10 feet) cable tail.

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