LED Flashing Beacons

LED Beacons from World Class Manufacturer Haztec International. Made in the UK.

LED Beacons are warning light that is made with led light modules and is often used as an alternative to led lightbars where there is not enough space on the vehicle roof for an led lightbar.

Once upon a time, you could only buy halogen or incandescent bulb rotating beacons. Incidentally, the first rotating beacon was used by US police and modified from an aircraft rotating beacon by George Whelen, founder of the now-massive Whelen Engineering Company.

Then came the strobe beacon, and now the LED Beacon. Emergency Vehicle LED Warning Beacons now come in all manner of shapes and sizes.

Amber Warning Beacons for use as a hazard warning on roads and motorways. Amber LED Beacons are now used by all manner of ancillary services such as BT, The Water Board, British Gas, Civil Contractors, Security Vehicles and the list just goes on.

Flashing Beacons normally come in a variety of mounting options. These are usually

·         Single Bolt Mount

·         3 Screw Mount

·         Din (Pole) Mount

·         Suction Mount

·         Magnetic Mount

·         Vacuum Mount

·         Vacuum/Magnetic Mount

With the exception of the mag mount and vacuum combinations, which normally come with a 3M cable and usually a double cigar type plug, most of the others will have a short cable tail. The fixed mount Flashing LED Beacons will have more flashing and or synchronization options because all of the wires are available to use. So you can sync 2 or more together, use the dim function if available, etc.

The decent and certified LED Beacons will have at least 1 Watt LEDs mounted on circuit boards with proper heat sinks. Quite a few of the latest LED Beacons will be fitted with 3 Watt LEDs. These super-bright LEDs will be complemented with an optical lens system to concentrate and amplify the light output.

All of the LED Beacon Products on this website are approved where appropriate, e.g.  ECE R65, ECE R10, and e-marked.

LED Lightbars.co.uk is proud to offer LED Warning Beacons in Amber, Blue, Green, Red, and White from prestigious manufacturers such as  Haztec International. Who back their products with a full manufacturer warranty, which is usually 5 years.

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