LED Vehicle Warning Lights

LED Vehicle Warning Lights Features – To Sum Up

LED Directional Warning Lights or LED Strobe Lights as they are also known, are designed to be primarily mounted in the front grill or rear deck (parcel shelf) of your vehicle, although they can be mounted on any flat surface of the vehicle.

They provide secondary warning lights when used in conjunction with a lightbar. When mounted in the grille, these are useful on larger vehicles where it would be difficult to see the lightbar at a close distance.

These units are normally self-contained in that they have their own built-in LED Flasher circuits, and therefore don’t need an external flasher. These lights can be linked or synced together so that they flash either alternatively, or all at once.

Available in 3, 4, 6, and 12 LED modules, these lights can also be doubled up to give more warning power. Most of these lights come with a 6 to 10 inch (15 to 25cm) cable tail, which will need to be spliced to another cable connected to your switch or switch panel.

All of the LED Directional Warning lights we supply, except the SC3 Mini – Stealth meet or exceed United Nations Regulation ECE R65, and all products are e-marked where appropriate.

Most of our lights come with a 5-year warranty for peace of mind. All of them are High-Quality Products that will stand the test of time.

Our range of lights from Haztec are assembled in their own factory and are normally in stock. The quality, performance, and finish of these products are outstanding.
Fitting the lights to your vehicle.

These LED Strobe Lights/Directional Warning Lights don’t have to be fitted only in the vehicle’s grille or rear deck, but rather they can be fitted anywhere you need them on the vehicle.

Usually supplied with screws or bolts, some products come with a self-adhesive backing so can be just stuck to the vehicle bodywork. For security though, it is recommended to permanently fix them in place with screws or bolts.

Some of our customers use these lights on the rear and side rear corners of commercial vehicles as a cheap way of providing a pretty decent warning signal, instead of using a more expensive lightbar.

Or, where the vehicle is required to pass under barriers which would prove difficult if a lightbar was fitted on the roof. With the brightness of these modern strobe lights, this arrangement works very well.

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