Mini Lightbars

All of the Mini Lightbars on this site are ECE R65 (Chapter 8) Approved and E marked. We do not supply non-approved equipment from the Far East.

Mini Lightbars from World Class Manufacturer Haztec International. Suitable for use where there is no room to fit a full-size light bar. Available in a variety of lengths and mounting options.

Mini Lightbars are generally up to 2 feet (24″, or 60cm) in length. Most mini light bars can be mounted using bolts through the vehicle roof which is the default mounting method. They can also be bolted to either a single or preferably a double roof rack kit. Using two roof rack bars improves the security and stability of this mounting method.

The light bar can also be fitted with either magnetic or suction mounts. It should be noted that it is highly recommended that a safety lanyard is used in conjunction with mag mount, or suction mount light bars, especially if being used on an emergency fast response car.

We are looking into the safety lanyard availability for the mini light bars offered for sale on this site, and if and when these are available, mag and suction mount options will be able to be selected on the product page.

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