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The  Haztec 8-7050-SC is a 50 watt speaker assembly.

Shown above with a square shaped cowl.

• Robust, hard-working speakers.
• High output neodymium drivers.
• T-type versions manufactured from cast metal for maximum resilience.

50W high output, compact 4Ω impedance, fluid filled, 118dB@2m with 1 speaker.

Selecting the right speaker
• Speaker rating must be at least equal to or greater than the maximum output of the amplifier.
• For example: an 80W amplifier requires an 80 or 100W speaker, and a 100W amplifier requires at
least a 100W speaker.

Siren & speaker testing
• In addition to environmental testing, all Haztec sirens and speakers are endurance tested.

The test involves:
• Siren operation at full power for 30 minutes on + 30 minutes off on a continuous cycle of 200 hours without pause.
• At the end of the 200-hour cycle, the speaker is immediately operated (still at full power) for a further five hours.
• The test is carried out in a soundproofed, sealed chamber with restricted airflow in order to ensure that both the siren
and speaker remain within acceptable thermal limits.

Full 1 year factory warranty.


130mm x 105mm x 90mm.


Haztec 7000 series siren speakers are suitable for all general purpose applications, they are robust and available in a choice of ratings, sizes and designs.

T type versions are manufactured from cast metal for maximum resilience.

Apart from T style versions, speakers are available with a with a choice different cowl shapes.

The speakers have similar performance characteristics, select the preferred shape to best fit the application.


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