Redtronic MegaFlash Low Profile LED Lightbar Amber

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Redtronic Mega-Flash Low-Profile Linear LED Lightbar 3500 series, 35.5″ (90cm) long with Amber Lens and Amber LEDs.

You can still buy this lightbar for £770.00 inc vat from the companies dealer network. Grab yourself a bargain only 1 available!

This lightbar is NOS (New Old Stock) and as such it has one or two scuff marks (not scratches) on its top lenses from showing to customers but has never been mounted or used on a vehicle on the road.

The lightbar has been re-engineered with a New Haztec 6-62240 LED Flasher, and now has 18 flash patterns instead of the original 6.

This lightbar has 24 modules each containing 3x3watt Osram LEDs fitted, so a total of 72 LEDs in all.

It is certified to ECE R65 (Chapter 8). Also ECE R10.

18 Flash patterns, 9 simultaneous, and 9 alternating. 12 of the flash patterns are ECE R65 approved.

Will operate at 3 watts, Half Power for night dim. Also can be set to cruise mode where all lights come on (Steady Burn) at 15% of full power.

Mounting is by four bolts (included) and rubber washers.

It has a 2.8M cable tail.

Approved to IP67 for LEDs and Electronics.

Instructions included

We will offer a 1 year (return to base) warranty on this product.

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