Redtronic Spartan LED Lightbar

If you are looking for a reliable, versatile and affordable lightbar for your emergency vehicle, you might want to consider the Redtronic Spartan Lightbar.

This lightbar is designed to provide high visibility and durability in any weather condition. The Redtronic Spartan Lightbar features a sleek and aerodynamic profile, with a low-profile height of only 1.6 inches.

The lightbar is made of polycarbonate and aluminium, making it resistant to impact, corrosion and UV rays. The lightbar also has a IP67 rating, meaning it is dustproof and waterproof up to 1 meter.

The Redtronic Spartan Lightbar offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to choose the size, colour, flash pattern and mounting option that best suits your needs.

The lightbar is available in lengths from 18 to 60 inches, and in single or dual colour configurations. You can also choose from 16 different flash patterns, including steady burn, single flash, double flash, quad flash and more.

The lightbar can be mounted on the roof of your vehicle, using either permanent or magnetic mounts. Mag mounts are length dependant. Normally no longer than 24 inches or 600 mm.

The Redtronic Spartan Lightbar is not only easy to install, but also easy to operate. The lightbar can be supplied with a simple and intuitive controller that lets you switch on and off the lightbar, change the flash pattern and dim the brightness. Or, you can use your own switch box. These lightbars are normally sold without a controller, which can be ordered separately.

The controller also has a sync function that allows you to synchronize multiple lightbars or other Redtronic products. The lightbar also has a memory function that remembers your last settings.

The Redtronic Spartan Lightbar is a great choice for anyone who needs a high-performance and cost-effective lightbar for their emergency vehicle. Whether you are a police officer, firefighter, paramedic or tow truck driver, you can trust the Redtronic Spartan Lightbar to provide you with the visibility and safety you need on the road.