I (John O’Donoghue) started LED Lightbars.co.uk back in 2007 and have now been trading in emergency vehicle equipment for 17 years.

In that time, we have supplied and serviced hundreds of customers in the UK, across Europe, and around the world. We have assisted our customers with a single product purchase, right up to large orders amounting to tens of thousands of pounds.

We are an Authorised distributor for Haztec International, and Redtronic Limited, both World Class manufacturers whose emergency warning products are used around the globe.

We have NEVER let a single customer down. Because we are a small company, we can give you a more personable service than we could if we were a large business.

While the products you can buy from our shopping pages are standard models, we can customize any light bar (within the law) to each customer’s specifications.

Most importantly, we know our products well. If you see a product on our website and aren’t certain it will meet your needs, you are more than welcome to give us a call on +44(0)1795 704214 or email us at info@ledlightbars.co.uk and we will do our best to help you. Remember, it costs nothing to ask.

At LED Lightbars we want you to have an excellent shopping experience. To this end, we strive to, offer you the very best value and state-of-the-art product for your money. To deal with you in a courteous, professional manner in all communications. To ensure that your order is passed to the factory in an efficient and timely manner. To ensure that you are kept informed of your expected delivery date, and to inform you if there are any delays.

LED Lightbars and warning lights are our business, we don’t sell anything else.

Best Regards

John O’Donoghue

+44 (0)1795 704214