LED Lightbars for Emergency Response Vehicles

Suppliers of Premium LED Lightbars to the Emergency and Response Vehicle Warning Industry.


Redtronic Spartan Lightbar - 21.5''55cm blue top clear bottom diagonal

Emergency Services

We offer a range of emergency lighting products and sirens that are manufactured to the highest quality using the latest technology, right here in the UK. All lighting is ECE R65 approved and suitable for a wide range of emergency and fast responce vehicles.

Redtronic Spartan Lightbar - 21.5''55cm amber top clear bottom diagonal

Amber Warning Lighting

We offer only “top notch” amber lighting for response, recovery and utility vehicles. This includes Roof Top Lightbars, LED Directional Warning Modules, also konwn as Grill Lights. Dash, Lights, Rear Parcel Shelf Lights and LED Moving Message Signs, as well as Public Address Systems including amplifiers and speakers. 

LED Lightbars.co.uk. With more than 15 years of experience, we are one of the UK’s Leading Distributors of LED Warning Lightbars. Below are some of the Major Clients we have worked with.

Major Clients

Top Rated Products

What we do

Distributors of High End LED Lightbars and Audio and Visual Warning Systems for Emergency and Works Vehicles.
Distributing only the best in emergency vehicle audio visual equipment, our manufacturers’ work hard to ensure that every product they carry is up to code. From warning lights to emergency sirens – we can offer anything you may need. Products include new high end-quality LED light bars designed specifically for your needs (check out this exclusive offer), as well as other essential products like beacons with halogen rotators or flashing LEDs – amber accessories made exclusively for commercial and ancillary vehicles – because sometimes the smallest difference can make all the difference in the world when it comes to safety during hazardous situations. Here, everything will be made just for you–from start to finish–because at the end of the day safety means everything! So what are you waiting for?
Order an LED Lightbar and rest assured that it will be built exclusively for you, and it is a BRAND NEW product.
All light bars are ECE R65 (Chapter 8)Approved.

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